It's been my pleasure to contribute to projects from some of the industry's most notable game and VFX studios, including... 


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

A selection of concept-illustrations completed for Infinity Ward, known for creating the Call of Duty game series. 

Composition exercise 

The Division - Key frame concept art for The Division's 'Take Back New York' trailer. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

A selection of concept-illustrations completed for Treyarch, the game studio behind the Black Ops series.  

this began as an early concept for the game 'Adr1ft'. Once the project moved in a different direction, the piece took on a story of its own. It isn't meant to convey realism, not completely anyway - just partial realism. Instead I focused on clearly defined shapes, solid blocks of bright color (inspired by 2001), and an easily discernible story. I regard the composition as the strongest feature of this image, as opposed to the individual pieces of design work found within.

The UMMS Quadrupedal Tank. It began as an assemblage of Vitaly Bulgarov's 3D kit bashing parts made to fit my preconceived sketch. I then remodeled the main shapes myself and left various kit bash parts to fill in detail. The environment is a fairly quick photo-bash. As for my thinking behind the UMMS design itself, I wanted to avoid the feeling of overly complex, sci-fi mechanical greeble. I took what I felt like was a futuristic design, and filtered it through a modern day desert tank like the Abrams. I can't help but sense a slight cartoony-ness to the final look, which I enjoy. 

Personal project - tribute to Banjo Kazooie. This is a direct copy of an area from the original Nintendo 64 title, but with an updated look. Modeled, textured, and rendered in Modo. A tiny amount of additional texturing was completed in Photoshop.