Lego Minas Tirith - Phase 1

This is a personal project I've been wanting to tackle for such a long time - and now phase 1 is complete! (Phase 1 is essentially the front half of the city. Phase 2 would include the back sections built into the mountainside and ideally some of the mountain itself) 

This Lego Minas Tirith was completed over a period of several months (many delightful Saturday mornings working on this thing)  I did a little pre-planning, but mostly designed as I built. I was able to begin construction with a small batch of Lego from my childhood but completed the majority of the work with bricks purchased from the Lego 'Pick a Brick' online store (you can order bricks individually). My primary reference was a tiny Minas Tirith sculpture I bought quite a while ago packaged with the Return of the King DVD. That sculpture, coupled with photos of the actual miniature used for LOTR film production was plenty to work with. 

I knew a hyper-accurate imitation of the city would be impossible given the size of Lego bricks and the scale in which I was working. Instead, my intent was to hit that sweet spot between literal and caricature. That being so, I took plenty of liberties with the details. This is a sculpture that strives to feel accurate more-so than be accurate. 

I'm quite happy with the result. That said, I could easily continue to rebuild and make improvements all across the model - but I feel I accomplished what I set out to do. 

Phase 2 will have to wait until I have more disposable income. (That Lego costs $$$$) 

Here are a few work-in-progress photos. You can see the reference sculpture and the cardboard cutouts I used to envision the final model's dimensions.