2001: A Space Odyssey: Top Five Frames

Stanley Kubrick

Geoffrey Unsworth

Production Design:
Ernest Archer, Harry Lange, Anthony Masters

Art Direction:
John Hoesli

April 11, 1968 (Japan)

2001: A Space Odyssey is not your typical hokey 1960's depiction of future space-age technology.  Sure, not everything holds up to today's standards, but the images below show that the artists responsible for this work were more focused on aesthetic design based on shapes and color rather than only aiming for a realistic vision of what the future may hold.  In other words, it sure looks as though button arrays and floor lines were placed more so for what they brought to the visual composition rather than what function they were thought to perform.  What impresses me the most is how the production designers and cinematographer seem to have been of one mind.  The frame enhances the design and the design enhances the frame.  Astounding!  (But first an ape)